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Alteration Services Near Me: How Much Does Alteration Cost?

Are you searching for the best “alteration services near me”? Are you tired of clothes that hug too tight or...

Are you searching for the best “alteration services near me”? Are you tired of clothes that hug too tight or hang too loose and wish for a magical “alteration” button to transform your clothes? Fear not! This ultimate guide will help you unlock it. But before you dive in, the burning question arises: how much does alteration near me cost? Find the perfect “alteration shop near me” to fit your budget needs. Let’s unleash your inner fashionista and dive into the world of clothes alterations.

5 Alteration Services in Your Neighborhood

We all know that feeling — a closet full of clothes, none of which feel right. But hey, that’s where we come in! We’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to Singapore’s recommended alteration services. Find the perfect tailor near your home. Get ready to rock those outfits while slaying the budget!

1. SEWlutions: Your Solution to Perfect Stitch

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 08:00 AM-06:00 PM | Sunday Closed
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For those with alterations on their to-do list, Westwood just got much more convenient! SEWlutions, known for its expert tailoring, affordability, and meticulous sewing service, has opened its doors at Westwood Terrace, Westville, Singapore.

The price range for alteration costs for your basic skirt, basic top and skirt, button and zipper repair, pants/trousers, dress, and other alterations is S$5 for simple work and up to hundreds for complicated work.

Note that the exact price may vary depending on the fabric of your garments and the specific alterations required. Get ready for an exciting transformation!

2. Mama Bear: Love in Every Stitch

Opening hours: Monday & Wednesday 09:00 AM-02:00 PM | Tuesday 08:00 PM-10:00 PM | Thursday-Friday Closed | Saturday-Sunday 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Telephone Number: 8931 1921
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Are you living near Senja Road and searching for a tailor for your clothing needs? Look no further! Swing by Mama Bear at 627 Senja Road, Singapore – your go-to alteration shop near your place.

Mama Bear offers a tender touch to various alteration services, including basic skirts, tops, dresses, and pants/trousers, starting at just S$5 and up. For samples & prototyping, prices begin at S$30 and beyond. Their pricing for alteration and sewing costs is flexible, from S$5 for simple work to hundreds for extensive work.

What are you waiting for? Discover the craftsmanship of their work for all your clothing needs!

3. Happy Threads Alterations & Services

Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday & Friday 10:00 AM-08:00 PM | Thursday 02:00 PM-08:00 PM | Saturday-Sunday Closed
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Ditch the hassle of travelling far for alterations services! Happy Threads Alterations & Services happily accepts your apparel alterations and embroidery styling with fast and precise services at affordable prices. Their tailor shop is conveniently located at 791 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Singapore.

Basic alterations like skirt hems, top adjustments, button and zipper repairs, pants hemming, tee shirts and dress alterations start at just S$5. Jeans start at a friendly S$10 and go up from there, while business attire alterations range from S$30 to hundreds, depending on the work required. They also specialise in intricately recreated garments, samples & prototyping, starting at S$30 and increasing based on complexity.

For a precise quote on your specific needs, simply message Happy Threads Alterations & Services! Their friendly team will happily help you breathe new life into your clothes.

4. Emmy Alterations: Threads of Perfection

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 07:00 PM-10:00 PM | Saturday-Sunday 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
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Seeking expert alterations in Sengkang? Whether you’re a night owl, caught up in tireless work, or have limited time during weekdays, EMMY Alterations is your saviour. Open daily with evening and weekend hours — they ensure accessibility to their expert services even after the sun sets. This go-to seamstress is known for quality and dedication and is backed by many satisfied customers. You can easily find it at 467A Fernvale Link, Singapore.

This skilled tailor welcomes you to their alteration shop for a precise fitting experience. They preferred a personal fitting at their shop to ensure a perfect outcome, as photos can be tricky, with angles and distortions potentially leading to inaccurate alterations. Daytime appointments are also available by arrangement, subject to the seamstress’s schedule.

Starting at S$5, they offer affordable adjustments for your basic skirt, basic top and skirt, button and zipper repair, pants/trousers, tee shirt, and dress. The exact cost will depend on the complexity of the work and the number of garments. Jeans start only at S$10, while for your business attire and recreating garments, tailoring services start at S$30 and can go up to hundreds, depending on the complexity of the alterations.

Need that alteration ASAP? Don’t guesstimate! For a precise tailor cost, simply message EMMY Alterations today.

5. G-Works: Sew in Magic

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10:30 AM-02:00 PM | Saturday-Sunday Closed

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Discover the exceptional works and personalised service of Gek Lin, owner of G-Works! Clients rave about her friendly and accommodating approach. She takes the time to build a connection with customers and delivers swift and precise alterations. Gek Lin’s willingness to meet clients at their convenience adds an extra layer of customer satisfaction. Sounds impressive, right?

For a tailored and prompt alteration service, G-Works comes highly recommended, as echoed by delighted customers who appreciate the quality and efficiency of her work. Visit her alteration shop at Chip Bee Gardens, 43 Jln Merah Saga, Singapore 278115.

Discover a range of affordable alteration services at G-Works, starting from just S$5 for basic skirts, tops, dresses, tees, and button and zipper repairs. Need jeans spruced up? No worries – prices begin at S$10 and go up to a few hundred based on your specific requests. 

So, do you need that serving looks without breaking the bank? Message Gek Lin now!

Affordable Alteration Services Prices for Your Needs 

Are you curious about the pricing for different alteration types? Check the table above for an estimation breakdown. Remember that exact alteration costs are influenced by the complexity of the work needed and the fabric materials used in your garments. Very affordable right? Happy checking!

Do’s and Don’ts for Clothes Alteration

5 Do’s:

1. Communicate Clearly and Be Specific with Your Tailor

Ensure a seamless alteration experience by communicating clearly and providing specific instructions to your tailor. Precision in your requirements will help you achieve the desired fit for your garments.

2. Wear the Right Undergarments to Your Fitting

Maximise the effectiveness of your fittings by wearing the proper undergarments, ensuring accurate measurements and a realistic representation of how your clothes will feel and look when worn.

3. Check for Flaws and Damage Before Alterations

Prioritise the longevity of your wardrobe by meticulously inspecting your garments for flaws and damage before alterations. Addressing these issues beforehand ensures a successful alteration process.

4. Move and Sit Naturally During Fittings

Move and sit naturally during fittings to guarantee comfort and functionality in your altered clothes. This approach helps you tailor and fine-tune the adjustments to accommodate your daily activities.

5. Be Patient with the Process

Patience is crucial when altering clothes, allowing ample time for precision and attention to detail.

5 Dont’s:

1. Rush the Alteration Process

Rushing through alterations may lead to mistakes, compromising the final fit. Taking the necessary time to carefully measure, sew, and adjust ensures a precise and satisfactory outcome in the final product.

2. Overlook Finishing Details

Avoid overlooking finishing details, as they contribute significantly to the polished look of your altered garments. Attention to these finer points ensures a professionally tailored appearance.

3. Be Afraid to Ask Questions or Voice Concerns

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or voice concerns during the alteration process. Open communication with your tailor fosters a collaborative effort, resulting in alterations that align with your preferences.

4. Settle for a Less-Than-Perfect Fit

While seeking alterations, never settle for a less-than-perfect fit. Insist on adjustments until you achieve the ideal comfort and style, ensuring your wardrobe complements your body shape.

5. Forget to Try on the Garment After Alterations

After alterations, don’t forget to try on the garment. This final step allows you to confirm the fit and make any additional adjustments if necessary, ensuring your satisfaction with the completed alterations.

‘Alteration Services Near Me’ In a nutshell

Alterations are often a fraction of the cost of buying new clothes, especially for unique finds or special occasion pieces. Think of it as an investment in extending the life and value of your existing wardrobe. You know, sustainable fashion wins!
If you’re ever in a rush and need a speedy solution for clothes that unexpectedly tear, don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Our latest blog post is packed with helpful tips on what to do when you’re unable to make it to alteration services nearby Singapore or simply don’t have the time to search for “alteration services near me”. Check it out now to save yourself time, hassle, and money!

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