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Alteration Shop Near Me: The Magic 13 in Alteraround

Are you searching for an “alteration shop near me” but finding it challenging to locate a reliable one? You need...

Are you searching for an “alteration shop near me” but finding it challenging to locate a reliable one? You need not worry anymore as we can assist you. We would like to introduce you to Alteraround, an online platform that connects you with the local Alteration Artisans, seamstresses, and tailors. It is a good resource for individuals looking for the nearest alteration services to their location. With Alteraround, you can rest assured that you will find a suitable tailor or seamstress for your alteration needs. Whether you need a minor alteration or a complete wardrobe overhaul, Alteraround has got you covered.

13 Lists of Go-To ‘Alterations Shop Near Me’

We’ve got a list of the top 13 recommendations for alteration services in Alteraround that will make your life easier IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. These shops offer quality services and are located conveniently close to you. So, why not give them a try and get a suitable fit?

1. SEWlutions

Located at Westwood Terrace, Westville, Singapore. Book your appointment here!

Does a wardrobe malfunction leave you feeling frayed? SEWlution understands the frustration of a loose button or a ripped seam. That’s why they offer lightning-fast, quality alteration services to get your clothes looking their best fast!

Like their happy customer who faced a “button crisis,” their tailors can handle any repair, big or small. They’ll secure those loose buttons with meticulous sewing for lasting durability and have you looking sharp quickly.

Here’s what sets SEWlution apart:

  • Fast & Affordable: They know your time is valuable, so they offer quick turnaround times at competitive prices.
  • Quality Tailoring: Their tailors have a keen eye for detail and a talent for flawless repairs.
  • Stress-Free Service: Say goodbye to clothing worries! We’ll care for everything so you can focus on looking and feeling your best.

This is your go-to alteration shop near me. Don’t let a wardrobe malfunction hold you back!  Bring your clothes to SEWlution and let them stitch up a SEWlution that’s as smooth as the repair itself. 

2. Pins & Needles

Located at Tiong Bahru Road, Redhill MRT Station (EW18), Singapore. Book your appointment here!

At Pins & Needles, they don’t just fix clothes. They bring them back to life!  Whether you have a ripped seam, a beloved garment needing repair, or a creative vision for a customised tote bag or tool pouch, our seamstress is here to turn your wishes into reality.

Like customers on their reviews section who recommend they are fast, effective service and workmanship, you’ll be amazed at the transformation they can bring to your wardrobe.

Here’s why Pins & Needles is your perfect stitching solution:

  • Repair & Upcycle: They dedicatedly fix your favourite clothes and breathe new life into old ones.
  • Custom Creations: Do you have a unique sewing project in mind? They can create tote bags, toolkits, pouches, and more according to your specifications.
  • Suitable Seamstress: Their seamstresses will handle your project carefully and precisely, ensuring a perfect finish.

Refrain from throwing away your old clothes or letting your sewing ideas gather dust! Bring them to Pins & Needles and let their seamstress work her magic. They will help you love your clothes again!

3. Queen Alterations

Located at Pine Close, Block 11, Singapore 391011 (2 minutes from Mountbatten MRT). Book your appointment here!

Need a quick fix or a complete revamp? Queen Alterations is your one-stop shop for all your clothing needs!

They offer fast, friendly, and expert alterations that will make your clothes look brand new again. Here’s what their happy customers are saying:

“Amazing service! I messaged in the morning and had my jeans hemmed within 2 hours. They look fantastic!”

“A lovely lady who is passionate about her work! Skilled and detailed, she brought my pre-loved pants back to life.”

“Friendly and professional! So happy with the workmanship, will be back.”

They specialise in:

  • Hemming (jeans, dresses, pants, etc.)
  • Repairs (tears, rips, broken zippers)
  • Tailoring (taking in, letting out, adjusting sleeves)
  • And much more!

Bring your clothes back to life at Queen Alterations! They’ll treat them like royalty and have you feeling confident in your wardrobe again.

4. Sew Society

Located at 126C Canberra Street, Singapore. Book your appointment here!

Are you looking for affordable alterations with a personal touch? Sew Society is more than just a shop – your friendly neighbourhood sewing circle!

They offer a range of alteration services at great prices, with convenient options to fit your busy life:

  • Central & North locations: Drop off and pick up your clothes at our convenient locations.
  • Mail-in service: Get expert alterations by mail with secure, trackable options.exclamation

But Sew Society is about more than just convenience. Their team of passionate tailors, like Auntie and Fion, are renowned for their:

  • Attentive service: They listen to your needs and ensure perfect alterations.
  • Excellent communication: They’re approachable and happy to advise you on style and fit.
  • Quality craftsmanship: They have a keen eye for detail and preserve the unique features of your clothes.

Don’t just alter your clothes; join the Sew Society. It’s a must for an alteration shop near me! They’ll help you love your wardrobe again, all at an affordable price.

Message them today to discuss your alteration needs!

6. The Stitch Shop

Located at 185C Woodlands Street 13, Singapore. Book your appointment here!

Tired of boring, straight hems? The Stitch Shop isn’t your average alterations service. We’re all about taking your clothes from good to “Wow, that’s amazing!”

They specialise in transforming your wardrobe with a variety of alterations, including:

  • Length adjustments: They’ll get the perfect fit from skirts and pants to dresses and shirts.
  • Creative Hems: In addition to the basic straight cut, we offer split hems, curved hems, and more to add a touch of personality.
  • Quality Seamwork: Our meticulous tailors ensure flawless, beautiful, and durable finishes.

Here’s what their customers are saying:

  • Beyond basic alterations! They don’t just shorten clothes and offer creative options like split hems, which take my outfits to the next level.”
  • Say goodbye to sloppy seams! The Stitch Shop does beautiful work, and you can’t even tell where the alteration was made.”

Don’t settle for an ordinary alteration shop near me. Bring your clothes to The Stitch Shop and create something special together.

7. Noy’s sewing room

Located at Blk 678D Jurong West Street 64. Book your appointment here!

Noy’s Sewing Room isn’t your average alteration shop near me.  Here, clothes aren’t just fixed, but they’re transformed.

Noy, the mastermind behind the meticulous stitches, treats each garment with the care and precision of an artist. The passion for their craft shines through every alteration, ensuring exceptional workmanship that elevates your clothes to masterpiece status.

Don’t just take their word for it. Satisfied customers rave about Noy’s expertise:  “Noy’s workmanship is fabulous! I love it!” and “Highly recommended for alterations – Noy’s work is good!”

From simple hems to complex repairs, Noy possesses the skills and dedication to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Experience the Noy’s Sewing Room difference and bring your clothes back to life in a way you never thought possible.

8. XY Alteration Seamstress

Located at Bendemeer Road, Singapore. Book your appointment here!

Need a trusted hand for your clothing needs? Look no further than XY Alteration Seamstress!

Their seamstresses can handle everything from basic hemming and tailoring to intricate repairs.

XY Alteration Seamstress can bring it to life with custom garment creation.

They’re passionate about providing quality service:

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Every stitch is meticulously done, ensuring your clothes fit perfectly and last for years.
  • Personalised Attention: They take the time to understand your vision and ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.
  • Versatility: Whether you need a minor alteration or a complete garment creation, they have the expertise to handle it all.

Don’t settle for off-the-rack clothes or ill-fitting garments.  XY Alteration Seamstress can help you achieve a wardrobe that reflects your unique style and flatters your figure.

Visit them today and discuss how they can transform your wardrobe!

9 A S Needlecraft

Located at 53 Chai Chee Street, Singapore. Book your appointment here!

Looking for a tailor who takes the time to get things right? Look no further than A.S. Needlecraft! Run by the skilled and attentive Sharon, A.S. Needlecraft offers basic alteration services in a convenient home-based setting.

Like their satisfied customers who praise Sharon’s patience, excellent workmanship, and efficiency, you’ll experience a personalised approach to clothing care.

Here’s what makes A.S. Needlecraft special:

  • One-on-One Service: Sharon takes the time to understand your specific needs and preferences, ensuring your alterations are perfect.
  • Expert Attention: With a keen eye and skilled hands, Sharon delivers high-quality work that won’t leave a trace (unless that’s what you want!).
  • Convenient & Efficient: Enjoy the comfort of a home-based service with quick turnaround times.

What are you waiting for? This is now your sign of an alteration shop near me! 

Bring your clothes to A.S. Needlecraft and let Sharon’s expertise bring your wardrobe back to life. She’ll listen to your requests, offer options, and ensure your clothes fit and feel exactly how you want them to.

10. Mama Bear

Located at 627 Senja Road, Singapore. Basic Alteration Services Tel: 8931 1291. Book your appointment here!

Looking for a reliable spot for some basic alteration TLC? Look no further than Mama Bear!  This friendly alteration shop offers everything to keep your clothes looking their best.

Like customers who recommend Mama Bear for its neat stitching, you’ll appreciate the care and quality that goes into every alteration.

Here’s why Mama Bear is your clothing care cuddle buddy:

  • Expert Attention: Mama Bear’s skilled team takes pride in providing top-notch alterations focusing on detail.
  • Basic Alteration Services: Get the essentials done right, from hemming pants to fixing minor tears.
  • Warm & Welcoming Environment: Feel right at home as you discuss your clothing needs with the friendly staff at Mama Bear. 

Don’t let little flaws hold your clothes back! Bring them to Mama Bear and let them give you the care you deserve. You’ll be happy you did!

11. PH stitch

Located at Singapore 730415. Book your appointment here!

Looking for a quick and convenient way to get your clothes fitting just right? Look no further than PH Stitch, run by Patricia. PH Stitch offers basic alteration services to ensure your wardrobe looks its best.

Just like this customer who was happy with Patricia’s work on their pants, here’s what makes PH Stitch the go-to ‘alteration shop near me’ for you!

  • Fast & Efficient: Get your basic alterations done quickly and conveniently.
  • The Perfect Fit: Patricia has a keen eye for detail and will ensure your clothes fit you flawlessly.
  • Friendly Service: Enjoy a welcoming and professional experience at PH Stitch.

Don’t squeeze into clothes that don’t flatter you! Bring them to PH Stitch and let Patricia work her magic. You’ll be walking out with clothes that fit and feel amazing.

12. Happy Threads Alteration & Services

Located at 791 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Singapore. Book your appointment here!

Are you looking for a trustworthy tailor for quality alterations and friendly service? 

Here’s Happy Threads Alteration & Services at your service! They provide quality tailoring for all your clothing needs, from everyday wear to special occasion pieces.

Their customers rave about:

  • Fast and affordable alterations: They fit your clothes perfectly without breaking the bank and with a quick turnaround time.
  • Quality tailoring: Their experienced seamstress, Aunty Doris, takes pride in her work and ensures a perfect fit every time.
  • Convenient location: Located right in your neighbourhood, Happy Threads is easy to find and accessible for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Friendly service: They believe in creating a welcoming atmosphere where you feel comfortable discussing your tailoring needs.

Whether you need a simple hem adjustment or a more complex alteration, Happy Threads Alteration & Services must be your ‘alteration shop near me’.  Stop by today and see why everyone is raving about their services!

13. EMMY Alterations

Located at 467A Fernvale Link, Singapore. Book your appointment here!

Looking for alterations in Sengkang with a side of fantastic service? Look no further than Emmy Alterations! Customers are talking about Emmy’s friendly approach, practical advice, and, most importantly, the perfect fit they achieve with her alterations.

Here’s what makes Emmy Alterations stand out:

  • Fit First: Emmy knows photos can’t tell the whole story. That’s why fittings at her place ensure alterations tailored to your needs.
  • Flexible for You: Busy schedule? No worries! Emmy offers flexible daytime fittings to fit your needs.
  • Fast Turnaround & Satisfied Customers: Time is precious, and Emmy understands that. Customers consistently mention Emmy’s impressive turnaround times, leaving them excited and wanting to return.

Ready to join the Emmy Alterations fan club? Step into your best-fitting self today by contacting Emmy Alterations, one of the most recommended ‘alteration shop near me’.


Have you ever needed help finding a reliable seamstress for your clothing alterations? We’ve put together a comprehensive blog that will guide you through the fantastic features of Alteraround. Our blog, How To Use Alteraround, will help you quickly book an appointment with their seamstresses. You will want to take advantage of this helpful resource!

FAQs: Alteration Shop Near Me

What is Alteraround?

Alteraround is an online community connecting local alteration artisans, seamstresses, and tailors with customers needing alteration services. It helps customers easily find the nearest alteration service to their location.

How can I book an appointment with an alteration shop in Alteraround?

Each alteration shop in the article includes a specific link to book appointments. Simply click on the provided link for the shop you’re interested in and follow the instructions to schedule your alteration service.

What types of services do alteration shops in Alteraround offer?

The alteration shops in Alteraround offer a wide range of services, including basic repairs like securing loose buttons and hemming, custom tailoring like adjusting sleeves or taking in garments, and even creative customisations such as creating tote bags or adding unique hem styles to clothing. Specific services vary by shop.

Are the alteration shops in Alteraround affordable and quick?

Yes, many shops listed in Alteraround pride themselves on providing fast and affordable services. For example, SEWlutions is noted for its quick turnaround times at competitive prices, ensuring customers can alter their clothes without a long wait or high costs.

Can I get custom alterations done at these shops?

Yes, several shops in Alteraround offer custom alterations. For instance, Pins & Needles specialises in upcycling old clothes and creating custom items like tote bags and pouches. Another shop, The Stitch Shop, offers creative hem options and personalised adjustments to give your clothes a unique touch.

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