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Seamstress Singapore: Before You Alter Your Clothes, READ THIS!

Before you alter your clothes, did you know an online community of seamstress singapore that connects local Alteration Artisans and...

Before you alter your clothes, did you know an online community of seamstress singapore that connects local Alteration Artisans and tailors with customers looking for the nearest alteration service to their location? You read it right! Alteraround is the most recommended solution to your wardrobe problems, offering many options to suit your clothes needs. They have your back even if you’re in the Central Region, East Region, North Region, and West Region of Singapore! So big, right? Read more to discover seamstresses near your neighbourhood.

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Choosing the Right Seamstress Singapore

Choosing the right one is essential, as selecting the wrong one can lead to disappointment and frustration. Take your time and do thorough research to find a seamstress who can cater to all your requirements. With the right seamstress, you can have clothing items that fit you perfectly and are of the highest quality.

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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Seamstress

Types of Alteration

Assess your alteration needs. Is it a simple hemline correction or a full-blown Cinderella-esque transformation? Complex alterations like tailoring a wedding gown require a seasoned pro, while a talented newcomer might handle routine fixes. Identifying your garment’s fabric and care requirements is crucial, too. Delicate silks beg for experienced hands, while sturdy denim might be more forgiving.

Experience and Expertise

Experience matters, but expertise reigns supreme. Seek seamstresses with a proven track record in alterations similar to yours. Online reviews and testimonials can guide you, offering glimpses into past triumphs and potential pitfalls. Don’t hesitate to ask for before-and-after photos – seeing is believing, after all!

Budget and Timeframe

Remember, budget and time are partners in crime. Compare prices across different seamstresses, being mindful of hidden costs like rush fees. Discuss turnaround times realistically, factoring in the complexity of the alteration and the seamstress’s workload. Location can also be a factor. Finding a convenient, accessible seamstress saves you precious time and energy. Online options might answer straightforward alterations, but intricate work often benefits from face-to-face consultations.

Location and Convenience

Now, where does one find these needle-wielding wizards? Personal recommendations are gold dust – ask friends, family, and even your favourite boutique owners for their trusted seamstresses. Visiting physical shops and boutiques adds a personal touch, allowing you to gauge the atmosphere and expertise firsthand. And don’t overlook the power of tailor associations and certifications – accreditation adds a layer of confidence to your search.

Finding the Seamstress Near You Using Alteraround

Looking for the right seamstress in your area can be daunting, but with Alteraround, you can easily find the perfect one for your needs. Our platform connects you with skilled and reliable seamstresses near you, so you can rest assured that your clothing alterations will be done with precision and care. Try Alteraround today and experience the convenience of finding the best seamstress in just a few clicks!

Seamstress Singapore: Central Region

  1. Pins & Needles
  2. Lulu Rose by Janis
  3. Studio Wobblee
  4. XY Alteration Seamstress
  5. Simply Alteration
  6. Tricot Studio
  7. Kakkoii
  8. The Atelier
  9. Helen’s dressmaking & alterations
  10. Muchness Makes

Seamstress Singapore: East Region

  1. Heart and Sew
  2. TWan Mondec Concept
  3. Alter Alter
  4. Blossom Seamstress
  5. V’s Work
  6. Needle n Stitch
  7. EMMY Alterations
  8. My Sewing Corner
  9. Fits Well
  10. The Stitchery Company

Seamstress Singapore: North Region 

  1. Ur Best Fit
  2. Sew Society
  3. PH stitch
  4. Tailor_101
  5. Stitch Work
  6. The Stitch Shop
  7. Mung Siji
  8. Wabi-Sabi

Seamstress Singapore: West Region

  1. Mama Bear
  2. Noy’s sewing room
  3. AA Design
  4. Joanne Ooi
  5. Tailor Solutions
  6. Sew 2 Fit
  7. Needles & Threads
  8. Yi Shan Alteration
  9. Absolute Stitch

Bonus Section: Steps How To Use Alteraround

Here’s a bonus for you! AlterAround offers features to assist you in starting your alteration services, similar to Off-Grid’s courses for starting a retail business. Finding seamstresses in your neighbourhood is easy, as you can choose options tailored to whether you’re a customer or a seamstress.

Are you excited to know more about Alteraround? Let’s get it on!

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Step 1: Search for a seamstress in your area.

Open the ‘Search Seamstress‘ tab on the AlterAround website to search for quality seamstresses near your area.

Step 2: Message them through the AlterAround chat function.

Through messaging, you can coordinate with the seamstress to schedule a fitting time or discuss any preferences for alterations.

seamstress near your area

Step 3: Meet at their place for a fitting.

Be sure to bring your clothes for the appointment to ensure accurate and personalised alterations.

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Step 4: Finalising alterations and payment.

After fitting, the seamstress will calculate the total cost of the alterations and place your order. Accept it and make payment under Order History.

Order history of alteration

Step 5: Await the seamstress to finish your alterations.

The seamstress will proceed to complete your alterations. Wait until the order is complete to pick it up!

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Step 6: Coordinate pickup with your seamstress and ensure a perfect fit.

Your seamstress will reach out to you once your order is complete to coordinate a pickup time. After coordination, pick up your clothes and ensure that everything fits.

Step 7: Complete your order and share your experience

Mark your order as complete, and don’t forget to leave a review! And you’re done!

We’ve completed the step-by-step guide for customers at AlterAround. Now, let’s proceed to the steps for seamstresses seeking an opportunity to enhance their alteration services with AlterAround.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Step 1: Receive Customer Messages

Receive a message from a potential customer via your Alteraround account and check the ‘Messaging’ option.

Step 2: Home fitting coordination.

Coordinate your first fitting session at your home office together.

Step 3: Host your first fitting session and calculate the total cost.

Host the customer for your first fitting session. Before you finish your fitting session, calculate the total cost of the alterations and place the order.

fitting session

Step 5: Complete alteration orders.

Complete your alteration order in time for customer collection.

seamstress sewing

Step 6: Order ready for pickup.

Notify the customer that their order is complete and invite them to pick up their freshly altered clothes.

order instruction

Step 7: Confirm satisfaction and await payment.

At the next fitting, check if all items are satisfactorily completed. Check out your customers’ reviews of your work. Your commission will come in by the end of the month! And you’re done!

And now we’re done!

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